About Us


About Us

Relying on our experience in the sector, we, as MimozaİşElbiseleri &TekstilPromosyon, started in 2010and have been producing workwear in accordance with the standards of occupational health and labor laws since then. We offer special solutions by considering the needs and demands of our domestic as well as foreign customers by operating in different sectors.

Thanks to our cutting, sewing, and finishing departments within our structure, we respond to the sample and production expectations in the fastest way and save time in the purchasing process of our customers.


Our Processes

With our detailed approach manner, we analyze the needs and demands of our customers in the best way with our expert team and plan the production processrigorously. While preparing product patterns in a computer setup, we simultaneously supply high quality and maximum durable fabrics tocomplete the selection of necessary ancillary materials and accessories.

Fabrics laid in an automatic marker machine are cut by our professional team by using high technology equipment. According to the demands of our customers, we transfer the cut fabrics to the sewing aisle after printing and/or embroidery applications and complete the sewing of the products by our expert team.

We subject these products to quality control to ensure that they fully meet both our customers' expectations as well as our standards. We complete the ironing and packaging of products that have successfully passed the inspection and make them ready for shipment.